Testimonial – Benefits of Qigong

Lee Kwang Cheng

Lee KC


Benefits of Qigong

Qigong experiences that renowned taijiquan master Cheng Man Ching described in his books sounded surreal until I encountered some of them personally.

I have been practising qigong for more than 10 years and experienced qi (internal energy) in many different ways. I once felt strong qi travel up from both my feet to the ming meng (back of the waist), continue to the top of my head then move downwards back to my feet. It repeated a few more circuits. This lasted nearly three weeks.

On another occasion, I was meditating in a lotus position when I felt qi circling my legs. Then, it moved upwards to encircle my hands, which were placed on my feet and continued to the upper body. Soon, I began rocking like a pendulum. This one-off occurence was a most enjoyable experience.

However, no matter how much we enjoy such encounters, shifu Colin Koh advised us not on to cling on to them, but to let them pass naturally in order to progress in our training.

Practising qigong helps me to relax. Whenever I am tired and the muscles are stiff, I would close my eyes and meditate for 15 minutes after which I would feel energised and alert again.

As I progress in my training, I am finding the ancient art of qigong more and more interesting. For example, before I took up the art form, I did not realise that practising it would accumulate qi to keep us in good health and self-healing purposes.


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