Testimonial – Pain Gone, Helps To Burn Unwanted Fats Too



19 August 2013

My Pain Gone, Helps To Burn Unwanted Fats Too

Good evening Shifu Colin Koh,
I just did a round of the relaxation exercise you have taught me. For just couple of minutes I have lost 200gms. I have been looking after my grand daughter for a 18 months. Because she is the first grand child, I tried to do my best, and also because she was born premature, she was so precious to her parents and with them telling to be careful especially when she started to learn how to walk, has brought a lot of anxiety, stress and my whole body feels like it needs a good massage at the end of the day.I did go for a couple, but, it did not help much.

Things got worst, my grand daughter is getting more active and on the morning of July 25. I  twisted my right side of my back when I tied to prevent her from falling from her parents’ bed.   I was taken to the hospital, could barely walk, was on wheel chair in the hospital.  Was given an injection , pain killer and some cream.

I was helpless for the first week, not been able to look after my grand child, I was feeling miserable. Spoke to my sister in law Betty, she helped me to massage the cream on my back and It felt good, I asked her where did she learn to do that.  She then told me about you and I asked her if I can go with her one Sunday.   I was excited and was not sure if I could be accepted and if I was able to learn.

When I first met you 3 weeks ago, I could feel that this Shifu is kind and he will help me get rid of my pain. You are different,  you are not selfish, you coach each one of us from your heart.  You are frank to point and correct our mistakes and share with us many quality tips.

I even learn how to hold my grand child without hurting her or myself.  I have learn the correct way to move ones body to avoid injury to our nerves, the exercise taught does not need more strength to do but yet it helps to burn unwanted fats.

My pains are gone too, I used to rub Ox oil on my neck and shoulder, but, now it is history.  Thanks  to you Shifu Colin.  I will continue everyday to train myself all that you have taught me, just like you said, “When you save, save with gains”   My body is like my car, you are the driving instructor, I am the driver, you teach me how to drive and it is up to me how I drive and take good care of my car so that it will run all the time, of course with rest too.

I will be going back to Japan in October and if time will permit me, I would love to attend every Sunday.   Once again a BIG THANK YOU.

God Bless,  yours sincerely, Catherine


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