Testimonial – I had spent a lot of money but to no avail


Yew Kheng

16 August 2007


I wasted lots of money and time but my pain remains, till I discover Qigong – it’s fantastic….

Before I started to learnQigong I had some health problems. These problems disturbed and irritated my life. My husband, Eric asked me to join him for Qigong practice. I had no idea what Qigong is all about. I was very skeptical. I was also very confused during the training. I felt neutral anddiscouraged and wanted to give up. Luckily Eric kept pushing and encouraging me. Thus I had no excuse but to continue to practice diligently. One day whilst I was practicing, I suddenly felt an itch, like ants were crawling all over my body. My hands were making wild’ movements and I felt different sensations all at the same time. This was a breakthrough for me and motivated me to train harder to satisfy my curiosity and to find out more about at this art called ‘Qigong.

I had consulted many medical specialists-Western doctors, physiotherapists, Chinese physicians, chiropractics. I had undergone X-ray examinations, MRIs. I had spent a lot of money but to no avail.

Some revelations that I would like to share in my course of Qigong training:

(1) I had spinal column-vertebral problem (4th, 5th, 6th vertebrae). These discs press against the nerve and cause severe sharp pain right through the right elbow and numbness of forgers. My neck was very stiff and I could not turn my head and could only sleep facing upward. The doctor advised me to put on a neck brace for a few months but there was no improvement. With qigong practice my neck is now more flexible. In fact, my condition seems to be totally healed now as I hardly recall that I had this terrible problem before.

(2) I did not normally perspire even though I did a lot of physical work. Nowadays I do perspire a lot. This sometimes comes with an unpleasant smell.

(3) I had weak bladder control. Now I need to urinate less in the night. and in fact most times I do not need get up at all.

(4) I now sleep well and do not wake up several times in the night like before. I feel very energetic the next day.

(5) I used to develop big ulcers in mouth (family members used to call me Ulcer’s Queen). Now myulcers recur only once in several months.

(6) My recovery time from illnesses has shortened.

(7) I have found that qigong is essential in taiji training.

(8) I had a condition in my shoulders where it pinch a nerve whenever I raised my arm. The sensation radiated down to my hands causingweakness and pains. I could hardly lift my arms. My shifu administered Qi treatment and my condition has now improved.

(9) Recently I had a migraine attack which caused me to feel nauseous and weak. My Shifu applied Qi treatment on me. During the process, my head felt lighter and lighter and the pain slowly went away. I felt fresh the next day.

(10) Sometimes during practicing, I sense a force that starts from the bottom of the spinal which straightens my spine in reverse domino fashion. Now my body posture is more upright and I feel more agile. I can now relax and bend easily.

Qigong is great! Qigong opens up many possibilities. I have experienced great improvement in my physical health. Qigong has boosted my immune system. But I feel these positive results are only possible with diligent practice, patience and proper guidance.


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