Testimonial – I had Brain Tumor

Siew Hong

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Taijiquan improves my health

While recuperating from a major brain tumour operation in 2007, colleagues who visited me in hospital were surprised at my alert state and wellness. Then, they remembered that I practised taijiquan and promptly attributed my state of health to my regular exercises.

In fact, from the day after the surgery I could walk and shower by myself. My surgeon was very pleased with my progress, and discharged me after just two-weeks in hospital. Now, I only need to go back for MRI scans annually.

After returning home from hospital, on the advise of my taijiquan instructor, Master Xu, I practised taiji daily to build up my health before including qigong in my exercise routine again. With guidance from Master Xu, my recovery was on track and I could return to work. when my six months’ medical leave ended. Only the right side of my face still felt numb — one of the after-effects of the operation — but it was manageable.

This episode reminds me of the time when I first started learning taijiquan from Master Xu some 15 years ago. Then, I was very weak and suffering from a host of ailments, including gastritis, tiredness, frequent bouts of flu and sweaty palms. Therefore, Master Xu started me off with taiji exercises before I progressed to qigong. Apparently, practising Qigong harnesses qi (internal energy), and those weak in health should avoid it lest it cause more harm than good.

Unfortunately, soon as I commenced qigong training, I over did it and nearly endangered my health. During a training session, my qi went out of control and I could not stop the wild movements until shifu calmed me down.

After a year of training regularly, my general health and gastric condition improved. I did not fall ill easily. Gradually, I also learnt how to relax my mind and body.

Taijiquan has certainly improved my health. From my personal experience, I feel that confidence, patience and diligence are the essential qualities needed to reap the full benefits of taijiquan training.


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