Testimonials – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

Rajendra Shreemal

Rajendra Kumar Shreemal

25 Dec 2013

Dear Shifu,

Wishing you Merry Chirstmas and a very happy & healthy 2014.

I have been thinking for a while to write you a small note on my experience with Tai Chi. And I spent couple hours in solitude last night, walking alone, thinking, murmuring, lost in thoughts. And the thinking continued today.

Its been one and half year learning Tai Chi and I am blessed that I picked this up under your guidance. It was a pure co-incidence that I picked up your group in Meetup, as I was searching for something on energy. I started searching for Reiki (as I had done that before) and landed in your meetup group. No references, just two strangers meeting for the first time. Internet and Meetup group, thank you.

Reflecting back, I am very happy. I just love spending morning time doing TaiChi. I used to feel little awkward moving hands and legs in the park, as passers-by watched me. But I overcame that feeling and just focused on self. The weekly feedback and talks during Tai Chi sessions as well as breakfast discussions gave me deeper insights. I have written down few of the conversations.

As people say, Love just happens. There is no science behind it and sometimes the person also doesn’t know why he loves someone. I think it has been a similar crush for me with Tai Chi. The original intention of balancing energy has been left behind. I get to spend time with myself. It freshens me up. I think easy flow of energy must be giving me good feelings, but I don’t know. And I have never asked myself, why do I feel happy. Since yesterday, I have been searching for the answer, but I don’t have one.

Last Sunday, you had corrected one of my pose of bending knee outward and all of a sudden, the pressure I used to feel at knees is gone. It has not just corrected this move but several others as I used to stoop down more than required. Its like a jigsaw puzzle, just one clue and several things get aligned.

I can feel my shoulders more relaxed, as I don’t have pressure on the knees. My face is more composed, as there is no feeling of pain in knees. Its not perfect yet as I can observe pain in some movements, but the great thing is that I have begun to observe very closely.

The Qigong practise of standing with hands raised forward slightly was pretty tough to start with but now I can stand still for 30 min.. Yes, I do keep the timer, so that I don’t stop earlier. My legs have stopped trembling, shoulders are less painful, mind is concentrated to relax various body parts and on the flow of energy from space and earth to various organs/parts of the body. Mind does wander out, but comes back to the body soon. It doesn’t remain in the outer world for long, but wants to step out.

As Frosty says in the movie, “Chasing Mavericks”, we need to build four pillars of solid human foundation to handle maverick waves. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. This is needed, whether you are at work, home, learning a sport, dealing with strangers, dealing with unexpected situations, crisis, etc… I can feel Taichi and Qigong working at all these four levels holistically.

I think Tai chi creates the mind-body infrastructure so well, that any activity you pick up, the rhythm of learning is much smoother. I do think, different human activities requires varying mix of Physical, mental and emotional makeup. Learning roller skates, running Triathalon, experiencing Scuba dive, doing Mergers & Acquisitions, raising the performance level of people, creating an environment of excellence, aspiration to keep learning & achieving newer milestones, nurturing kids and enjoying moments of togetherness with wife. Its really a complex life and we need to be really good at four pillars of human foundation to live a peaceful and purposeful life.

Thanks for taking me through the journey and experiencing self. Thank you, Shifu.


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